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Our Work

Art Mob

We love working with ART MOB. They are one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal Art Galleries and they are coming up for their 10th anniversary. Crease was involved with the development of the name ART MOB along with ART MOB founder Euan Hills and the highly respected Bill Harney. We’ve been lucky enough to produce all the online assets for Art Mob since the beginning along with the exhibition invitations, newsletters and press ads. We designed the logo too! One of our all time favourite projects.

Bike Ride

Bike Ride is a great bike shop looking after all types of riders from beginners through to tour level riders. When the shop started nearly 7 years ago, we were invited to work up the name for the shop, develop the branding including consulting on the shop fit out. We’ve also been lucky enough to develop and maintain the Bike Ride web site (and other online assets) and external communications (press / radio / promotional material). The thing we love most about Bike Ride is their customer care. They not only love cycling they really want to see others enjoy their cycling as well and that makes all the difference. The Bike Ride web site features our content management system – SiteWrangler. And yes we designed this logo too!

Ci Simon

If you haven’t been to Ci Simon in the Atrium at the Hunter Street IXL Art Hotel – you are missing out.

Simon is a master of his craft. A long time ago now I bought a suit from Simon and he had me sized up perfectly before a tape measure came anywhere near me. It’s still the best suit I own and it was affordable. Plus in both men’s and women’s clothing you can find things at Ci Simon you wont find anywhere else. It’s a great shop and we are really proud to be able to support Simon in all his initiatives.

ALLCARE Physiotherapy

We designed a new logo for ALLCARE Physiotherapy along with signage, their new web site and a range of there brand assets. The logo reflects the core values of the practice, helping people to achieve their individual goals. They are  a great organisation to work with.

Sustainable Solar Schools

The reason we’ve included this site in this sample of our work is that it highlights our capacity for high level technical innovation. This site literally draws charts and graphs in real time based on data collected at remote sites. It’s a fully customised technical solution that even works on older browsers (thanks Federal Government outdated web guidelines!). The reason we like this project so much is because of the problem solving involved – we’re never more happy in our work than when we’re solving problems for our clients.

We have many many more examples of our work for local and national clients in both the private and public sector. Drop us a line if you’d like to see more.